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April 20th, 1998

Finally got an owl back from my mother after a bloody month of waiting. She says she "forgot" to write back sooner. I'm sure. She conveniently forgets to write her daughter back about a topic that should be (although I'm sure it's not) a top priority for her. She could die for Merlin's sake. And she's not even worried?

Sometimes I wonder if the two of us are related at all.

She also wrote news of the baby. She's due the day before I arrive in Montreal, now. And, like I feared, it is twins. She's thrilled that I'll get to see them just as soon as they're born. Oh, Merlin. I can't get used to the idea of Mother having a child at her age, but two? Is there some all mighty being out there trying to punish me even more? I just got three step-brothers (one whom I've yet to even meet). Now I have to get two more siblings? Ones that will be eighteen years younger than me by the time they're born?

Why did my parents have to get divorced, anyway? Life would've been much more simpler.

Something else happened the other day that I wish never did. Lisa caught Steven and I... Well, let us say that we were rather involved with each other. Oh, Merlin. I can't believe she knows. I hope she won't say anything. She's not one for gossip, but with Lisa, you just never know what she'll do.
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