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July 15th, 1998


Received news this afternoon from my mother and my step-father that informed me that I was now a big sister. Oh the joy (note the sarcasm). Mother gave birth to twin girls Monday, and called them Kathleen Dianne (Katie, for short), and Shavonne Adele. Nice mix of Irish and French names... for both James' background, and hers, I'm assuming.

But... ack. I don't want little sisters. I didn't want any more brothers, either, but look where that got me! Three of them! All older!

...It does no good to be whining, really. It can't be helped. Even though my mother is almost forty-five and should not be having more children...

She told me once she only wanted one. And now, she's got four. Or had four, if you take Max into account.

...And the worse part it, they're all coming here later on in the summer. Mother, James, Stephen, Dan, Gallagher, the twins. All of them.

Thank Merlin I won't be living at home anymore.
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