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March 10th, 1998

Sweet, honourable Merlin.

I went into Hogsmeade over the weekend, to visit my father again, and who should I see at St. Mungo's but my grandmother. My father's mother. Death Eater. God only knows how she found out how my father was there (or why she was there in the first place), but I ran into her (almost literally) when I was heading into his room, and when she was coming out.

And the look on her face when she saw me... I get shivers just thinking about it. And her words... I must have at least three or four inches on her, but she made me feel like I was two feet tall. And she actually had me defending my mother, of all people.

So, she knows of my existence now. After almost eighteen years. I don't think I've ever been so scared in my life. I know what power her side of the family - Dad's side of the family - has and what they're capable of doing with it. If they ever get wind of where my mother is... All of them - Mother, Frank, Dan, Gallagher, Stephen and the babies, when they're born - are in serious trouble. They're Muggles. And foreign-born. And white. Three things stacked highly against them. I wouldn't put it past my grandmother (or the aunts, uncles and cousins I've got, for that matter) to do something horrible to them. It hasn't stopped them before.

I'm going to have to write Mother and tell her. I've got to at least warn her about her former mother-in-law. She doesn't know as much as I do about her.
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