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March 13th, 1998

Well, I wrote Mother today. Hopefully, she'll take my warning seriously. But then again, she's always done things her own way, regardless of what I might think. Honestly. It sometimes feels like I'm the mother, and she's the daughter.

Am also rather terrified that I'll get an owl from Jake. He knows even more about my Mother and her people than my grandmother does, do the fact that I told him just about everything when I was going with him for those couple years.

Have not told Steven about any of this yet. Perhaps I should.

And am rather annoyed by the fact that Lisa has been avoiding me like the plague these past few days. What is up with that? What did I do?

Bah. She's supposed to be my best friend, but lately we barely talk to each other. I see her in class, occasionally at meals and she comes up to the dorms later than I do at night. That's it.
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