Mandy Brocklehurst (mandy_b) wrote,
Mandy Brocklehurst

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April 26th, 1998

I feel like someone has scooped out my insides and just left the outer shell to exist. That’s what I’ve been reduced to these past couple days. I put myself through the motions of an everyday school day, but I don’t think about any of it. In doing so, I walk to the wrong class, forget I have a free period, try and go and get lunch when it’s only ten am…

But can you blame me?

There has been another death. Another murder. Just as horrible (if not more so) as Jasper’s.

Su is dead. One of my friends, someone I’ve shared a room with since I was eleven is dead. I have the hardest time accepting that. I refuse to. I still expect her to walk in the dormitory any minute and start talking about ways to approach Professor Warrington to get more help in Defence, or about Kevin, or about Quidditch. About something. Anything. But she won’t. I won’t see her ever again.

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