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Owl Post

Dear Hannah,

...It's been awhile, hasn't it? How're you holding up?

I'm doing better, myself... I still have trouble with speech and my handwriting's still a little off, but other than that I'm pretty much back to normal, thank Merlin.

Anyway, what I was writing to tell you is that I've got a change of address,in case you want to stop in and visit sometime (and please do! It'll be like old times).

The new address is

Henry Building
27 Snow Street

It's about fifteen minutes from our old building, down past the park. Muggle area, as you know. Oh, and don't be surprised if Steven answers the door, don't be surprised. I live with him now (well, I will once I move in. I'm so nervous and excited about it...).

Take care, and say hello to your parents for me. Your sisters too.

Hope to talk to you soon,

Dear Steven,

I know this is kind of short notice, but... Is today all right to come over? Later on? Let me know ASAP, as Marianne's driving up to Manchester today, for work, and I'm coming with her.

See you soon, in any case. :)

Love you,

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